Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Unbelievable... today is definitely not a good day to work... Guess what? I was YELLED by my FARKING Boss! He simply SUX, YEllEd at me infront of so many people I HATE HIm FOr doing that! So what if he is a Director Big FARK? Only know how to throw weights and boss around! No wonder that Bitch can stay so long. The two of them are goddamn farking bloody similar in terms of personalities & characters.. As for me... I'm just a cheap lowly paid NSF doing these jobs. It simply sucks man~!

Struggling to combat with the damn flu I'm having and still gotta work and covering duties for that damn bitch~! Can't imagine that man.. She can enjoy her 2 days MC How about me? When I'm sick who is there to cover me? It is so unfair. I hate my current workplace, it is goddamn highly stressful, the people, the environment and the way the whole management works simply sucks to the core!!!

8 more farking months I wish to get out of here ASAP!!! I can't believe that such kind of people exists! I hated them so much that my hatred causes my eyes to change into bloody red and my blood are boiling hot~! Whoever touches it gonna Die & Melt terrible!

I HATE THAT!! Its only 1st half of the DAY and I'm encountering these bad stuff!!!

Monday, March 21, 2005

Aiyoooooo~ So SIANZ sia today.... Its a Monday Blue again! Sitting in this partition doing nothing and slacking around~! SO SIANZ!! PLS PLS PLS!! Get me Outta here man!!!!
Basically, today had lunch with my squadmates lah... Xinglong, Keong, Son of Da Gan, Mozart & Huat zai in MHQ canteen~!!!

Kind of sianz sia today!!!!
Going to gym after work to let out all my weariness & frustrations!!!!

Monday, February 28, 2005

ArgH! Feeling so BLUE today! Perhaps its due to Monday Blue~!
Feel kind of sianz man!!! But what to do? Life still gotta carry on man...!!!!
eh.... dun feel like writing anything yet.. so juz a bit of an introductory stage about my mood this morning!

Maybe at night would be better!

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

hmm..finally today went back to office... look kind of blur but still things gotta move on! Spent most of my time inside the office reading a book which I've forgotten about the title... After a long day at work... I decided not to go back so fast.. so I went to meet my date... Of cos I won't go into detail... What I can say is that we went dining at orchard and walked around also... Things went pretty smoothly i can say... everything seems very positive... Ah.. tonite too happy til don't even know how to write my blog.. Guess I better stop here for the day.... Cheers!

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

The time is finally close to my bedtime... Today...nothing special..on MC of course... Stayed at home whole day, around 4pm went jogging at the park beside my house here. The weather is damn frickin warm & humid. Then after that went back home took a shower and brought my niece down to the park playground. Many thought that she is my daughter but..haha kind of funny... How I wish I do really have my own son or daughter at this age.. that would be great isn't it? Anyway... doesn't really matters course I promise my sis to help her bring up her 4th Child which is on the way. I told her if it is a Baby Boy, I would allow him to inherit all my wealth next time! HAhaha quite funny but definitely I don't think I wanna get marry! I told my family before haha.. I am a career-minded guy and I'm definitely going to focus my attention on my career after ORD! Come to talk about it, it feels kind of sianz man... still got at least 1 yr 4 mths to ORD!!! that SUX!!!! Nonetheless, I feel quite bless with the current position I'm taking because it is really a privilege to be able to wear home clothes! haha Anyway... tomorrow I'm gonna return back to office! 3 days to wkend! Hahaa cheers

Monday, February 21, 2005

Today...... Sunny Day...good weather too... I had a sudden relapse on my stomach in the middle of the night... So when I woke up at 7am, I was about to go to work.... Hesitated for quite sometime before deciding to go to TTSH to see doctor... I've been experiencing episodic pain in the lower abdominal for quite sometimes already and thus I finally go see doctor... Doc referred me to a specialist which I must go on the 9th of March.

After that it will determine my fate... Somehow i feel my time is up soon... Don't know why? Life is so fragile somehow... And today onwards I gonna start cherishing my life... I thought I'm already very healthy by performing my regular dose of exercises and etc.... I'm in a real dilemma now man... Who can tell me what to do? Teach me how to live? I'm trying my best to do what I can man..

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Oh man...Finally sun had set..... I'm feeling kind of weary and wishes to hop onto my bed ASAP... However... my aunt & uncle is here to visit us. So I gotta entertain them abit... I'm still pondering over my attire today.. I wore something which is really very colorful and it seems that not many people would dare to wear like what I do.

I gave them the feelings that I'm a Homo! OMFG...... But what to do? I might as well just live with it haha... I find that being very particular in personal grooming is a very important thing in life because at the very first point of contact...whomever you meet they will initially judge your personal appearance on your attire, on your hair and etc....

Aiya...nonetheless lah... just ignore what others think of me... Most importantly is that I enjoy what I'm doing can already...~ Cheers!
Ah...I'm back in Action once again....Its like...I'm such a laggard~ Its been more than a year plus and today I'm back to update my Blog again...! Promise to update it everyday.... First and foremost, Welcome Brand New 2005. Hope things will sail smoothly as per normal...btw..I'm in my NS now... Many people told me that I'm born goddamn lucky because I'm in the Singapore Police Force serving my NS. I also feel likewise...However, there are some pros and cons. Because I'm proud that I don't have to wear my uniform hahaa...

Today...or perhaps less than 30mins ago.. A colleague came to me...asked me "Eh..Are you a GAY?" I got a shocked of my life.. That was the first time someone ever asked me that! Partly was because he told me someone saw me at Gay pub located at Tanjong Pagar area. I was kind of pissed off initially trying to cool myself down. Anyway, sounds kind of bad huh? I merely went there clubbing with my friends. I feel that its nothing. Just like last Fri, I went to Zouk, got to know two Japanese babes. I can still vividly remember their names 1) Reime 2) Meige... I was probably damn high and I had the courage to approach them and I held both of their hands haahaha.. Both of them are from Osaka. Guess they are back in their country already. Anyway, not bad huh..I always get to know Japanese girls in Zouk.

Arh....CNY is finally over for me and Its time to really start working now man… My new resolution is to stay healthy and work diligently…but what I yearn for now is to study and get my degree… However, Patience is the only key to success. It is always on my mind. Nothing special today man, albeit I’m still carrying that kind of holiday mood with me but I know that I gonna put everything to a stop in whatever I’m doing already. Its time to really get serious… Will try to update in the evening or even later if there is any interesting events today. Hope there will be some hahaa….. Cheers

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